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"Breaking the 4th Wall" w/ Adam J.Bowling (Fri. 1/13 - 4PM to 6PM)

After getting a suggestion, many improvisers ignore the audience, but the audience is a crucial element in live comedy. By properly breaking the fourth wall, you can learn to harness the audience’s energy and engage with them personally. Plus, it is just as fun/surprising for you as it is for the audience! 

Venmo @yesandmichael - $25


About the Instructor:

Adam J. Bowling, better known as Pervis Purdy, is part of the comedy duo The Purdy Twins. He graduated from the Second City Conservatory program and the Wet the Hippo Collective Idiot Workshop. Adam has studied with several clown teachers, such as Juzo Yoshida, Chad Damiani, and Deanna Fleysher. In addition, he completed a creative writing program through UCLA Extension.

"Gender Blender" w/ Betse Green  (Sat. 1/14 - 4pm to 6PM)

 Do you struggle with playing feminine or masculine characters as a grounded, real character vs. caricature? Do you endow your scene partner as opposite of what they are trying to portray? Come prepared to walk on the masculine/feminine side. Taking on what it truly feels like to embody all the physical, emotional and communication traits of your characters. Working from a place of playfulness and vulnerability, this workshop will enliven your awesomeness as an improvisor both on and off the stage. Valuable communication, creative and relationship building skills are packed into this fun and interactive workshop.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll walk away with tools including: 

*How to make supportive, creative choices that encourage communication

*How to reframe gender stereotypes as learning opportunities in a fun way

*Playing characters not bound by gender 

*With more value and purpose of walking in feminine/masculine shoes and learn more about yourself, and others.

Venmo @Betse-Green - $25

About the Instructor:

Betse Green has been an improv teacher, performer, and director since 2002. She is renowned for creating a nurturing and supportive space for improvisors, in the Portland area as well as at festivals and theaters across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Her curiosity compass points directly toward guiding her students to form strong, grounded characters, whose honest relationships form the heart of the scene. Her workshops explore a variety of topics-from improv basics, to guiding experienced players through complex territories such as race and gender, and how artists can incite and continue these conversations from the stage. Yet paramount to any ideology is FUN! Betse’s passion for improv has made her a staple of the improv community worldwide.

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