The 2020 WIF Performance Lineup!

Thursday 7PM

-@ Wits End


-Volunteer Showcase




-Park City Improv

- The Mama's Papa

Friday 7 PM

-The Comedy Project

-I am the Show

-The Next Generation Gap

-Dum Dum Patrol

-Murder Fairy & Arson Leprechaun


Friday 9:30 PM

-Toy Soup & Beans


-Short Term Memory

-Furious Water

-Famke Roumstead is Hot

Saturday 7 PM

-Kombustible S'mores

-It's All About Amy

-Prudence and Pervis:

the Purdy Twins

-Quick Wits

-Murder Murder


Saturday 9:30 PM

-We, Robot

-Ensemble Showcase

-One Take

-Forever Team

-Rollin' in Riches

Ensemble Players

-Mike Brown

-Jennifer Giralo

-Nikki Souza

-Eric Rau

-Geraldine Carolan

-Brighton Jensen

-Candace Snapp

-Chase Dickerson

Performance schedules are subject to change

WIF 2019's Line-up

  • Dragon's Breath

  • Goat Gif Gang

  • The Improvables

  • Improv Broadway

  • @ Wits End

  • Laughing Stock

  • Spec Script

  • Chartreuquoise

  • Murder Murder

  • Park City Improv

  • Andrew and Mithra

  • It's All About Amy

  • Dum Dum Patrol

  • Rollin' in Riches

  • The Belvederes

  • Murder Fairy & Arson Leprechaun

  • Son of a Pitch

  • The Nancy Boys

  • Famke Roumstead is Hot

  • The Comedy Project 

  • The Next Generation Gap

  • Furious Water

  • Friends on Facebook 

  • Prudence and Pervis:The Purdy Twins 

  • Bird and Friend

  • Quick Wits 

  • Bleach Improv

  • Toy Soup with Beans 

Check out their performances  here:

695 W Center St (7720 S)
Midvale, UT 84047 

(385) 274-7676

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