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Amy Angelilli

"Scenes of the Heart:

Emotionally committing to Scene work"

Real connections make for real (good) improv. So, why is it that as improvisers we sometimes take the stage and feel the need to fill every quiet space with things that don’t matter? This workshop will approach scene work from the perspective that real feelings drive real connections. From this place of honesty, we can have rich scenes that are about people and relationships. And, with this approach, we’ll never be at a loss for what to do next in a scene because our emotional commitment will trigger the natural response for any character. Let’s practice doing what a real person would do … caution: real feelings and real connections just might happen!



Bill Arnett

"An Alternative Approach to Scene Work!"


Many of the tradition improv rules and concepts separate us from the real world. By looking towards the rules of life we will discover how to create more natural and textured scenes that are easier for us to play and more compelling for an audience to watch!


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